Reconciled – Jake Bass & Johnny Rapid – Drill My Hole


One of the running debates around our offices is who gives better “getting plowed” face? Johhny Rapid or Jake Bass? Few would argue that these two are among the top contenders for that title. You know what we’re talking about, right? Watch this scene, or any other scene that either of them is in, and you’ll see what we mean… They have both mastered the mouth-agape, surprised, “my asshole is being violated” face. They give it and they give it good. But we never thought we’d see them do it in the same scene! Johnny Rapid, is a longtime, somewhat exclusive stud-next-door from the roster of talent, while sexy, inked Jake Bass has pretty much been an exclusive staple of Jake Jaxon’s Cockyboys. Johnny Rapid and Jake Bass together in one scene!? What is this — some crazy alternate universe Marvel/DC hybrid? And yet here there are, together on the same brown leather couch, at the same time… mano รก mano.

Reconciled – Jake Bass & Johnny Rapid – Drill My Hole

The videogenic pair take turns sucking each other’s cocks, eating each other’s holes, and sliding their erect cocks up each other’s buttholes. They explore and demonstrate a number of positions, giving each other them ample time to demonstrate their finest quality “getting plowed” faces. Jump over to the Drill My Hole website to watch the full scene in its entirety, including Jake Bass’s famous huge cumshot…










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