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There are many things that confuse us about this scene. What the hell is he talking about, stealing his phone? What kind of Star Trek-sounding name is Dato Foland, and what planet does he come from? (Because we’re thinking we might like to visit.) Why is he wearing his shirt in the shower? These and more puzzles abound, though ultimately, none of it matters because the onscreen chemistry between these two is sizzling and palpable! This steamy duo turns it out, sucking and fucking in every position imaginable, and giving it hell in that glass block shower!

Men of UK – Non Surprise – Dato Foland & Theo Ford

This is one of those rare scenes where you can see it in their eyes — they’re really into it and they’re giving it all they’ve got. It’s amazing what a difference that extra 5% can make in elevating a scene from good to great. The high quality location and lighting we’ve come to expect from Men of UK rounds out this scene nicely… Well played, gentlemen. Well played.











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Fuckbuds Chester and Dimitri are relaxing by the pool when sexy Enrico decides to rinse off in the glass shower, and he knows Chester and Dimitri are are checking him out, as they’re not exactly being subtle. Enrico slyly struts his stuff in a sensual display, quickly drawing his horndog buddies up to the shower to join him. It ain’t long before the horned up trio is sucking each other’s dicks, trying to impress each other with their cocksucking skills and simultaneously satisfying that animal craving to slurp down on a hot, uncut cock…

Sweet & Raw – Dimitry Borodin, Chester Pool and Enrico Sanchez – Free Preview Trailer

But the true satisfaction comes when Chester and Enrico take turns driving it home in willing bareback slut Dimitri’s tight, pink butthole. After a raw, bareback sandwich where sweet pink fuckholes are stuffed full of fresh twink meat, these guys are still hungry for more!









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Jizz Addiction – Hung Nim Jerks One Out – Free XXX Preview

Jizz Addiction - Hung Num Jerks Off_01Hey there little bro, how you doin? Oh, so you’re gonna take a shower? Yeah, cool. Hey — hold on, you’ve still got your underwear on! Yeah, we usually go ahead and take those off before we get in the shower, but whatever, that’s cool… But you should probably go ahead and slide those off. Whoa! What a nice thick cock you’ve got you’ve got there. Hey, it’s getting harder… Nice bro!

Now, regarding that bathroom and pink bathtub — yeah, gurl you might wanna be on the lookout for Matt Muenster when you are at the Home Depot…

Jizz Addiction - Hung Num Jerks Off_05

Jizz Addiction - Hung Num Jerks Off_07

Jizz Addiction - Hung Num Jerks Off_11

Jizz Addiction - Hung Num Jerks Off_13

Jizz Addiction - Hung Num Jerks Off_14

Jizz Addiction - Hung Num Jerks Off_18

Jizz Addiction - Hung Num Jerks Off_19

Jizz Addiction - Hung Num Jerks Off_20

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HX104S42 – Pass the Soap – Ty Roderick & Damon Archer

Resident hunk Ty Roderick and lithe young Damon Archer decided to pool their resources and shower together to save water. They just so happened to be doing so in a lovely $12/foot glass mosaic tiled shower, in Coral and Antique Mint, ceiling mounted waterfall fixture, and fabulous boobie sconces (seen only in reflection). Ty seems to be feeling a bit randy, and Damon is more than willing to bend over backwards to accommodate him! Looking graceful and somehow avoiding getting water up his nose while doing a handstand in the shower, he spreads his gymnast legs and Ty buries his face in Damon’s perfect twink bubble butt for some hot rimming action. Right side up again, he grabs his ankles and Ty steps in to deliver his engorged Italian salume, over and over. Damon’s soft moans can be heard over the trickle of the water as the duo try every position imaginable, thanks to Ty’s stamina and Damon’s amazing agility…

Pass the Soap - Ty Roderick and Damon Archer

Pass the Soap - Ty Roderick and Damon Archer

Pass the Soap - Ty Roderick and Damon Archer

Pass the Soap - Ty Roderick and Damon Archer

Pass the Soap - Ty Roderick and Damon Archer

Pass the Soap - Ty Roderick and Damon Archer

Pass the Soap - Ty Roderick and Damon Archer

Pass the Soap - Ty Roderick and Damon Archer

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Magical Michael and his amazing ass are back. It was late at night after the bars had closed and Mike and Joe were hanging post gaming, when Mike mentioned how bad his back was hurting (he got blown up in Afghanistan). Joe, the good friend that he is, was ready to help his buddy out. Joe gets his hands all over that beautiful ass. Mike then gets in the shower and getting soaped up gets him horned up!

My Straight Buddy - Magic Mike

My Straight Buddy - Magic Mike

My Straight Buddy - Magic Mike

My Straight Buddy - Magic Mike

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Check out the awesome cum shot from the second guy who shoots… So freakin’ mouth-wateringly hot!

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OK this was kind of a crazy night at the pad. We got to talking about YouTube videos that feature guys playing Guitar Hero naked, which I don’t know why it seems like guys really like to play that naked but they do. Look it up on YouTube. Well, they were down for that. Sounds like a good time for this crew! I only included 2 songs because that’s al you really need to hear. It’s not the same if you’re not playing.

Anyway this got their competitiveness up, and they decided they wanted to have a J/O competition, like they do sometimes back in the barracks. I was sure Cole was going to win, but I was surprised by the outcome, or in Mark’s case, how much cum came out. Wow. As is so often the case, after we shot this we were on our way to a beer pong tournament at a bar, so everybody got in the shower to clean up.

My Straight Buddy - The Jerk Off Contest

It’s been a rough day for Valentin Petrov, but his luck quickly changes when John Magnum enters the school shower. The guys make out, trade bjs, rim jobs and then flip flop fuck!

Hunky and scruffy Cliff Jensen, seen here in near perfect form, taking control of “Jeyden Studley” (lol, who?) in this hot, rough, shower scene. We really don’t think you can watch this scene without getting turned on by Cliff Jensen. Enjoy…

Cliff Jensen catches his stalker, Jeyden Studley, sniffing his jock and exacts his revenge.