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Bulldog Pit – Kayden Gray & James Dixon – Free Preview Trailer

Another steamy installment from the Bulldog Pit finds James Dixon coming to confess his sins, including jealously and coveting the neighbor boy. But instead of a pastor he finds Kayden Gray, with his high cheekbones, tight body and huge, delicious cock… Kayden slides open the glorious portal and the pair exchange blowjobs and Kayden eats out James’ ass before James turns around and takes one for the team. After Kayden delivers a hot, rhythmic ass fucking, each one blows their load through the hole, their hot cum dripping down their nude bodies…










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If you’re a fan of blasphemous fetish scenes (and who isnt?), they dont get much better than this.
Hung hottie Mark Coxx kneels bedside and prays to the heavens for strength, only to seek forgiveness almost immediately after his Amen. Mark’s carnal desires and urges come forward; he releases his thick rock hard dick from the constraints of his trousers, and busts out a skin magazine of naked guys getting off. Mark knows that he’s a little obsessed with dick, and he takes the time stroking his cock while fantasizing about all the hot dudes. Once he shoots his nut, it’s lights out for a good night’s sleep, since in the morning he is going to confession like a good Catholic.

Cut to the following day, and Mark enters the confession booth and sits down on the uncomfortable bnnch. The grated window slides open and we see stunning young pastor Theo Reid. He greets Mark with a comforting look and caring demeanor that you might expect from a father of the cloth. Mark begins his confession, and admits that he has been having impure thoughts and has been masturbating constantly indulging them. Theo asks when he last confessed and Mark says last week. After that, the situation seems to change and the sexual tension in the confession alcove rises off the charts…

Bulldog Pit: Pennance – Theo Reid & Mark Coxx

Father Theo slides open a well-concealed hatch in the dividing wall and presents mark with what he dreams of. Mark takes Theo’s cock right down the back of his throat, swallowing every inch of length Father Theo’s thick, uncut penis. Theo ploughs his cock into Mark’s throat till his cock’s dripping with saliva and strands of pre-cum glisten from his lips to the tip of his cock head. Wanting to return the favor he takes Mark’s cock through the hole and sucks it passionately — balls deep without spilling a drop. Feeling Mark’s cock growing bigger and bigger in his mouth, Father Theo wants more and ask mark to turn around. Father Theo’s tongue explores MArk’s tight asshole, licking and slurping, getting it all wet and ready for deep penetration. Theo pushes his cock deep into Mark’s ass and with the groans muffled by the partition wall plows him deeper and deeper till they both explode thick white ropes of jizz through the hole at each other. Mark, now fully forgiven in the eyes of father Theo, runs along to keep the word of God close to his heart and the taste of Father Theo on his lips till it’s time for his next confession.

Bulldog Pit Free Preview - Theo Reid and Mark Coxx

Bulldog Pit Free Preview - Theo Reid and Mark Coxx

Bulldog Pit Free Preview - Theo Reid and Mark Coxx

Bulldog Pit Free Preview - Theo Reid and Mark Coxx

Bulldog Pit Free Preview - Theo Reid and Mark Coxx

Bulldog Pit Free Preview - Theo Reid and Mark Coxx

Bulldog Pit Free Preview - Theo Reid and Mark Coxx

Bulldog Pit Free Preview - Theo Reid and Mark Coxx

If you enjoy scenes such as this one where the men and the situations come with a bit of an ‘edge’, why not head over to the Bulldog Pit by clicking here to continue your free preview.

Bulldog Pit Free XXX Preview

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What a massive tool… Perfect for gloryhole servicing!

It’s that time of the week once again! Welcome back! We got a great update today.
Our mark was lured in, not even knowing really why he was asked to come in. Maybe he thought he’d get some free videos or something.
You should have seen this boy’s eyes light up when we told him it was a free blowjob. Hook, line and sinker!! Enjoy!.

A Glory Hole is a private, great way to get super nervous straight guys to at least get their dick sucked by another dude. Don’t miss the second installment in the G:Hole series!

G:Hole 2
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Our man Steve has done it again. He told Sean about our nice big-tittied blowjob queen, who is giving out free blowjobs. Sean jumped at the opportunity and asked for the hook-up. We lead him into good ol’ room number 5. Our girl flashed her goods and Sean took the bait! He popped his cock through the hole where Alex was ready to go. Let me tell you, Alex went to town on his shit. He had Sean throwing his head back, groping his own chest in pleasure. In the end, Sean covers Alex’s cheek like icing on a cake! Enjoy the update!

Today my friend Ty wanted to go to the video store and watch and video and you know what he is probably going to do, haha. Show I busted in on him and told him, dude there is a fucking glory hole right there, stick your dick in there for a surprise. He did and let me tell you the person gave him super head. He even let my boy Ty fuck his tight ass threw the hole until he came in the booth with Ty just to let him fuck that ass. It a new definition of pay a dollar and get fucked. Click here to see more ungloryhole!

Army Private Tommy Defendi gets caught sleeping late by Sergeant Jimmy Johnson and is sent to scrub the floors of the latrine. Knowing there is a convenient glory hole in the stall, Jimmy decides to go beat off his morning wood where Tommy will be able to spy his Johnson. The plan goes off without a hitch and Tommy takes Jimmy’s cock in his mouth and then his ass.