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Bulldog Pit – Kayden Gray & James Dixon – Free Preview Trailer

Another steamy installment from the Bulldog Pit finds James Dixon coming to confess his sins, including jealously and coveting the neighbor boy. But instead of a pastor he finds Kayden Gray, with his high cheekbones, tight body and huge, delicious cock… Kayden slides open the glorious portal and the pair exchange blowjobs and Kayden eats out James’ ass before James turns around and takes one for the team. After Kayden delivers a hot, rhythmic ass fucking, each one blows their load through the hole, their hot cum dripping down their nude bodies…










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If you’re a fan of blasphemous fetish scenes (and who isnt?), they dont get much better than this.
Hung hottie Mark Coxx kneels bedside and prays to the heavens for strength, only to seek forgiveness almost immediately after his Amen. Mark’s carnal desires and urges come forward; he releases his thick rock hard dick from the constraints of his trousers, and busts out a skin magazine of naked guys getting off. Mark knows that he’s a little obsessed with dick, and he takes the time stroking his cock while fantasizing about all the hot dudes. Once he shoots his nut, it’s lights out for a good night’s sleep, since in the morning he is going to confession like a good Catholic.

Cut to the following day, and Mark enters the confession booth and sits down on the uncomfortable bnnch. The grated window slides open and we see stunning young pastor Theo Reid. He greets Mark with a comforting look and caring demeanor that you might expect from a father of the cloth. Mark begins his confession, and admits that he has been having impure thoughts and has been masturbating constantly indulging them. Theo asks when he last confessed and Mark says last week. After that, the situation seems to change and the sexual tension in the confession alcove rises off the charts…

Bulldog Pit: Pennance – Theo Reid & Mark Coxx

Father Theo slides open a well-concealed hatch in the dividing wall and presents mark with what he dreams of. Mark takes Theo’s cock right down the back of his throat, swallowing every inch of length Father Theo’s thick, uncut penis. Theo ploughs his cock into Mark’s throat till his cock’s dripping with saliva and strands of pre-cum glisten from his lips to the tip of his cock head. Wanting to return the favor he takes Mark’s cock through the hole and sucks it passionately — balls deep without spilling a drop. Feeling Mark’s cock growing bigger and bigger in his mouth, Father Theo wants more and ask mark to turn around. Father Theo’s tongue explores MArk’s tight asshole, licking and slurping, getting it all wet and ready for deep penetration. Theo pushes his cock deep into Mark’s ass and with the groans muffled by the partition wall plows him deeper and deeper till they both explode thick white ropes of jizz through the hole at each other. Mark, now fully forgiven in the eyes of father Theo, runs along to keep the word of God close to his heart and the taste of Father Theo on his lips till it’s time for his next confession.

Bulldog Pit Free Preview - Theo Reid and Mark Coxx

Bulldog Pit Free Preview - Theo Reid and Mark Coxx

Bulldog Pit Free Preview - Theo Reid and Mark Coxx

Bulldog Pit Free Preview - Theo Reid and Mark Coxx

Bulldog Pit Free Preview - Theo Reid and Mark Coxx

Bulldog Pit Free Preview - Theo Reid and Mark Coxx

Bulldog Pit Free Preview - Theo Reid and Mark Coxx

Bulldog Pit Free Preview - Theo Reid and Mark Coxx

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Bulldog Pit Free XXX Preview

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For such a little guy Hayden sure is sexy with that monster cock, bushy pubes, hairy taint and ass crack. And from the minute I saw Hayden’s massive cock I knew I had to have it!

I start by sucking on Hayden’s hairy balls, then move my way up to his big beautiful dick. All I could think when I slid his cock down my throat was, WOW, this is amazing! I work over every inch of this super-schlong just hoping his cum load is as big as his cock. Hayden is ready to blow, I am so ready to take it!!!

The head of Hayden’s cock is in my mouth, just past my lips when the first stream of cum released. I feel the warmth of Hayden’s jizz, then the aroma and taste of fresh semen hit me. I instantly know this is going to be a really good load! Boy, was I right. The cum keeps flowing out of Hayden’s pulsating pecker. I slurp down as much as possible trying not to spill any. This is a really tasty load, really, really sweet.

I keep sucking Hayden’s cock and swallow every bit of cum his cock and balls could produce. There’s no way I’m letting one drop of this amazing load go to waste! I keep licking, sucking and deep-throating until I’m sure there is nothing left in his shaft. Hayden’s dick slides out of my mouth. My throat and tonsils are coated in semen. This is pretty much heaven!

Not wanting it to be over, I look down and to my delight, I see some cum spillage in Hayden’s pubes and on his leg. I swoop down, lick it up and swallow, enjoying the last few drops of this young sexy dude’s man-juice. Hayden was great, his cock is simply amazing, and his load was out of this world!

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Addison Cooper is a handsome 26 year old, ex-military man. When Aaron first interviewed Addison, he said that his friends encouraged him to get into porn because his cum flies like a rocket! Aaron and Seth decided to see if the cum really would fly and it did! He begins the scene talking about his life and what kinds of things he likes to do in bed. His pants then come down and Aaron moves into position to help him out orally.

As Aaron starts his work, he notices that Addison likes to have his asshole rubbed and this only makes him harder as Aaron plays with his tight butt hole. Addison then moves to his knees and starts to face fuck. Needing to get off, he then reclines for some more butt play and sucking. Addison was getting really worked up and needed to cum bad; it had been a few days since his last nut. Aaron worked on his cock, both sucking and stroking really hard, he said he liked his dick pulled on really hard. So, Aaron tugged and rough as he could until Addison was ready to blast his jizz. Aaron opens his mouth and waits for the cum to fly. Fly it did! Cum starts to shoot out of his cock like a geyser. His spunk flies over Aaron’s head, on his face, drips down his lips and into his mouth. Aaron continues to suck and then takes all the cum that landed on Addison’s leg, places it on his dick and licks it up, swallowing every drop.

Addison opens up the scene stroking his cock with Seth moving in for some face-to-dick time. Addison starts to get chubby as Seth works on his cock. Aaron pans the camera down to show Seth’s raging hard-on as he sucks dick. Addison moans as his cock gets worked over by Seth’s mouth and hand. Due to the sounds that Addison was making, both Aaron and Seth thought he was on the verge of cumming. They were wrong. Addison then decides he wants to suck Seth for a bit and drops to his knees and starts his blowjob. After about 40 minutes (lots of editing down), Addison retires to the sofa for some fingering from Seth. Being mostly a bottom, the guys thought that would help Addison cum for sure.

Seth bangs Addison’s hole as he strokes. First one finger, then two. On to massaging the prostate… Still, the moaning was lending its self to a potential cum shot….that never came. After about an hour of working on his hole and sucking his cock, the guys new that the scene needed to change. Aaron and Seth decide that it was best that Seth plant some jizz onto Addison’s face. Once again, Aaron warns Addison that “his loads are huge, really huge”. Addison agrees to the challenge and wants to take one on his face. Addison is laying down as Seth strokes his cock over the “landing area”. Addison is about to get glazed! As Seth starts to moan, legs shaking, we know the cum is about to fly!

Addison opens his mouth in anticipation for the hot load. Seth unleashes a thick, creamy load all over Addison. Addison then takes his tongue and licks the cum off Seth’s cock head. Seth squeezes his shaft, milking out more juice which drips into Addison’s mouth. Addison’s face & mouth were covered in cum! He looked like a cinnamon roll. Addison talks a lot about how big his loads are. We think after taking Seth’s massive load, he might just change his tune a little :) Even though this video took WAY longer than planned the end result is great. Addison was a champ and Seth saved the day!

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19 years old, straight and really fucking cute. This is Jacob Mather’s first time having his cock sucked by another man and his very first time shooting his load in anyone’s mouth. Jacob was really nervous so I told him to just focus on getting his nut off and I’ll take care of the rest. Jacob gets right to work getting himself nice and hard. I move in and get a taste of Jacob’s cock. Jacob’s dick is the perfect size for sliding down my throat. I move down to his beautiful hairy balls and suck on his nuts for a while, getting a mouthful of his blond pubes.

I’m so excited to get to this young hottie’s load that I just have to whip out my dick. I start jacking my cock while sucking on Jacob’s sweet pole. Jacob indicates that he’s ready to bust. I position my face right in the line of fire and take a huge blast of spunk, smack in the middle of my face. I open my mouth and collect the ropes of cum spewing from Jacob’s pulsating cock. I take his dick down my throat and swallow the rest of his load. I bury my face pubes-deep, and keep his dick in my mouth until he starts going soft making sure to drain every last drop of semen from his shaft.

The sensation and taste of Jacob’s young spunk instantly makes me bust my own load. I shoot cum all over the floor while sucking down Jacob’s load. Jacob was fantastic. He left completely drained and I left completely full of his young spunk.

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Vance Crawford loves playing with his sex toys. So much that he sometimes forgets to keep his voice down when he takes himself to extreme levels of ecstasy! Upstairs neighbor Jimmy Johnson is fed up with the noise and goes downstairs to put a stop to it. What happens instead is that Jimmy is a bit curious about Vance’s dick pump and decides to try it out himself. The boner he gets from it needs satisfaction and Jimmy is becomes the cause of Vance’s loud moans as he fucks his tight and hot ass!

The Upstairs Neighbor - DMH - Drill My Hole - Jimmy Johnson & Vance Crawford

The Upstairs Neighbor - DMH - Drill My Hole - Jimmy Johnson & Vance Crawford

The Upstairs Neighbor - DMH - Drill My Hole - Jimmy Johnson & Vance Crawford

The Upstairs Neighbor - DMH - Drill My Hole - Jimmy Johnson & Vance Crawford

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Christian Rae thinks he’s in the clear until Jeff Sterne bends him over his knee and pulls off his belt for a nice old-fashioned ass whupping. Jeff swats the smile right off of Christian’s cute young face with lots of spankings varying in intensity until Christian’s hot young twink butt is red and tender and tight pink butthole ready for action. Starring: Jeff Sterne, Christian Rae