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Phone In For Raw Delivery - Alex Dick, Roy Horny & Mike Lust - Bare Adventures-02

You know what it’s like sometimes at work, sitting all alone in your cubicle — or if you’re lucky maybe it’s an actual office — bored out of your fucking mind and not really caring whether or not the paperwork before you gets done. Well, fear not. You’re not alone. Millions of workers around the world frequently find themselves in the same situation. In this scene from Bare Adventures, Roy Horny and Alex Dick are in the same predicament. With only one difference — Roy and Alex decide to order in for a raw delivery of the rentboy kind. Moments later, Mike Lust appears and the fun begins. Clothes are stripped and cocks are sucked, with each horny stud sucking and getting sucked. Then Roy hones in on Mike’s sweet little ass and takes the twink for a bareback ride while Alex looks on.

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Super hung skinhead chav, Clayton Kole, gives defined young twink Sonny, a serious pounding in this stirring encounter! First, he gets his thick uncut 9-inch dick sucked, then demonstrates his own deepthroating skills as he effortlessly swallows Sonny’s cock right down to his balls.

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Jessy and Logan get some of the best cock they’ve ever had during their own private flip fuck party — each sporting a huge uncut cock and fully loaded balls. They take turns sucking and fucking one another bareback. Jessy’s nuts overflow as he drops three loads during the scene, and Logan’s ass only too willing to take each deposit.

Summer of Love, Part 2 - Kris Evans and Torsten Ullman - Bel Ami

In this smoking hot update from Bel Ami’s ‘Summer of Love’ series, sexual Olympian, flawless stud and our personal fantasy Kris Evans puts hottie blond newcomer Tortsten Ullman through the paces. They start by making out, and sliding down their black briefs to reveal smooth, athletic bodies and rock hard cocks. Torsten cannot contain himself once he gets a look at Kris’s throbbing erection, and he drops to all fours to slurp it all the way down to the base. Kris enjoys the oral attention and leans forward to finger Torsten’s smooth, puckered hole…


Bare Adventures - Zac Powers, Lukas Davis and Scott Haux

If only all Doctors’ waiting rooms had horny little hottie Lukas Davis in them, the time would pass far more quickly! He and fellow patient Scott get to know each other on the benches. Lukas slides over to Scott, apparently having heard about Scott’s rather impressive endowment and not afraid to make the first move. He goes straight to Scott’s crotch, caressing it with his tongue and prodding it with his lips and mouth. Slowly it swells and becomes as hard as a stale baguette while his own bulge grows evermore lengthy and rigid. Twink-in-training and resident intern Zac interrupts their tryst momentarily, but without missing a beat he’s on his knees, enjoying Scott’s dick down his warm, wet, thirsty throat. He drops his pants and unleashes his own beast, standing tall, proud and ready for immediate attention. Lukas gets blown, with the lucky hung twink Scott in the middle enjoying action from both sides.


Covered in Cum - Rick Lautner & Gaelan Binoche - Bel Ami

One of Bel Ami’s new scenes for Spring is Covered in Cum, featuring hotties Rick and Gaelan going at it hard. After a bit of chat about their blossoming friendship/relationship, they get right down to business. Gaelin seems to be the aggressive one, and takes charge of the situation, sucking Rick’s thick, uncut cock to get him hard and then eating out his tight, puckered asshole, getting all wet and slippery before sliding his big dick gently yet firmly into the young lad…