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Broke Straight Boys - Adam Baer Fucks Paul Canon

In this update from Broke Straight Boys, Adam Baer gives Paul Canon the fucking he’s been needing. With a big handful of lube, he starts stroking Paul’s fat dick, which grows harder and thicker as he slides his cupped hand along the slick shaft. Paul is in ecstasy already, but lends a hand to stroke Adam, whose cock is already hard in anticipation of sliding up Paul’s tight hole…


Eager To Fuck - Jessie Montgomery and Blake Mitchell - Helix Studios

Eager To Fuck - Jessie Montgomery and Blake Mitchell - Helix Studios

After a fun night out on the town, Blake and Jessie can’t wait to get alone together somewhere private where they’ll be free to rip each others’ clothes off and give in to their primal animal desires. It’s cute how they tease each other and flirt up the staircase… first Blake pulls Jessie’s pants down, exposing his underwear, and Jessie chases after him, ultimately falling to his knees on the landing, where he slides down Blake’s heans and then his underwear, unveiling Blake’s mighty uncut cock. He proceeds to slide it seductively between his lips. Once naked, they kiss and grope, suck and rim, then Blake squeezes his huge cock into Jessie’s bubble butt. The boys try to make their way up to the bedroom, but only make it to the top of the stairs where Blake spins Jessie around and pulls him down on his rockhard dick for some reverse cowboy fucking.

Bare Adventures - Zac Powers, Lukas Davis and Scott Haux

If only all Doctors’ waiting rooms had horny little hottie Lukas Davis in them, the time would pass far more quickly! He and fellow patient Scott get to know each other on the benches. Lukas slides over to Scott, apparently having heard about Scott’s rather impressive endowment and not afraid to make the first move. He goes straight to Scott’s crotch, caressing it with his tongue and prodding it with his lips and mouth. Slowly it swells and becomes as hard as a stale baguette while his own bulge grows evermore lengthy and rigid. Twink-in-training and resident intern Zac interrupts their tryst momentarily, but without missing a beat he’s on his knees, enjoying Scott’s dick down his warm, wet, thirsty throat. He drops his pants and unleashes his own beast, standing tall, proud and ready for immediate attention. Lukas gets blown, with the lucky hung twink Scott in the middle enjoying action from both sides.



Introducing Calvin, a server at a NY sports bar with visions of becoming a pornstar. He has showed up today for his on-camera porn tryout. Watch as a fly on the wall as the anonymous interviewer puts him through his paces…

Gay Castings – Calvin Cuffs Casting Couch

We get treated to several minutes of their uncomfortable chitchat before they get to the good stuff. Calvin says he’s a fan of interracial porn and admits to having a little bit of Asian fever… particularly those dark-skinned Filipinos. He also says he’s been with a few girls (and it didn’t make him vomit!). Sexually he considers himself more of a top, but as you can see in this video he seems to have no problem taking a dick like a champ. He says he likes getting blowjobs — who doesn’t? And recently acquired his first sex toy, a little vibrating dildo that “gets the job done”. Nice. Yeah, you’re definitely a top. =)

Next, the interviewer gets him undressed and has him on his knees on the couch with his ass spread open wide. The interviewer proves his young twink hole with his fingers before rolling on a condom and sliding up the tight teen’s butthole. The interviewer has a thick, hard cock and he gives Calvin’s young hole a good workout. We’re also treated to a nice preview of his skills at sucking a dick and taking a big cum facial…

Young Calvin went on to do at least one scene for Man Royale.
















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Another awesome bareback flip fuck scene featuring Tyler White and Brody Lasko taking turns stuffing each others’ tight boyholes with their rock hard cocks. 18 year old Brody is still new to the studio but has quickly become a viewer favorite, his youth paired with that hot cock and smooth ass make for an irresistible combination. At Broke Straight Boys, it’s usually all about the money, and normally bottom makes more than the top. (the thinking goes that it’s harder to convince a straight guy to take a dick in his butt than to simply bang a warm, wet hole. So if you have two really straight boys, letting them fuck each other is the best solution for everybody involved. I am not so sure though, if it’s really hard to convince these two boys to take a cock up their butt.

Tyler is clearly the boss here. He grabs Brody by his hair and fucks the 18 year old’s face. When it’s time for reciprocation, Brody watches Tyler suck his cock. But once he’s had enough fellatio, Tyler stands up and shoves his rockhard raw dick into Brody’s tight ass, bareback, slowly at first but then going faster and deeper once Brody’s asshole is acquainted to being stretched around Tyler’s throbbing dick. Tyler spreads Brody’s legs and pushes his cock deep inside, making Brody scream out in pleasure. Tyler fucks Brody like it’s been years since he’s had any. Brody holds on tightly to the sheets, trying his best to brace himself against Tyler’s strokes. Brody flips over and gets on all fours where Tyler continues to bully his hole into nothingness.

Broke Straight Boys – Tyler White & Brody Lasko Flip Fuck Bareback

Brody, ready for reciprocity, turns Tyler around and lubes him up. He squeezes his thick cock into Brody’s tight boy pussy and starts plowing him hard and deep. Tyler’s ass isn’t huge, but what’s he’s got is bouncing as Brody pounds him rhythmically. Brody not only strokes Tyler’s insides, but he only strokes his cock while sending him into a frenzy. They transition into missionary position where Brody drills his butt, kissing his body all over while Tyler softly moans with pleasure. Brody repositions himself, getting on all fours and arching his back in order to take Tyler’s cock, and Tyler tops him doggy style, ramming his cock into Brody as he moans. But then these boys flip, and Brody tops Tyler raw, fucking him hard from behind as he reaches around and rubs Tyler’s dick while he pounds him. Tyler gets on his back and Brody gets between his legs and rams him until he fucks the cum right out of Tyler and then strokes one out himself! Tyler cums on his stomach while Tyler is still inside him Tyler pulls out dumps a huge load on Tyler. A very hot scene… you should check out the full length version in full High Definition over at Broke Straight Boys by CLICKING THIS LINK… Mobile users CLICK HERE.









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When describing Max Carter’s body “perfect” is the only word that really seems to fit. That’s why Dustin is glad to give it a good working over with his strong hands for a deep-tissue massage. All that touching and rubbing of Max’s oiled-up ass has certain feelings stirring below.

Helix Studios – Healing Hands – Dustin Gold & Max Carter

Soon, Dustin’s own perfect body part is deep inside Max, massaging all the right places. Just when that long, ever-hard dick has Max close to cumming, Dustin surprises him by wanting to flip. Kindhearted giver that he is, Max happily obliges Dustin in his bottoming debut for Helix. (We get the feeling he kinda liked it.) Starring: Dustin Gold, Max Carter








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You might say Dillon Rossi is an excellent partner for new CockyBoys model Justin Matthews. They could be ‘brothers from another mother’ — they’re both low key and chill, lighthearted in demeanor, and constantly horny. You might see them hanging out together in a public spot and youd never realize what they get up to behind closed doors…

Cockyboys – Justin Matthews Hammers Dillon Rossi

Sex came quite naturally to them. Justin tends to be more of a top, while Dillon’s a little more versatile, but they both really enjoyed trading blowjobs, lavishing attention on their cocks, which just got harder and harder. Justin got more aggressive when it came time to fuck, pounding Dillon’s tight hole doggie style on all fours before laying on his back and letting Dillon ride him. All told, they seemed to enjoy fucking face to face the best, especially when Dillon tightened his fuckhole just before Justin busted his nut. This made Dillon shoot too!

The guys were so turned on by each other that they didn’t say much until they both had shot a big, creamy load of jizz. Afterwards Justin summed it up with cum dripping from his still erect cock: “It was awesome, dude.”









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Don't Miss Jake Bass in ROAD STRIP... Click for More!

Don’t Miss Jake Bass in ROAD STRIP… Click for More!

Pierre Fitch Free XXX PreviewCocky Boys Free XXX Preview

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Helix Studios - Dylan Hall and Evan Parker

It’s another beautiful, summery Spring day in gorgeous San Diego. Dylan Hall is feeling terribly randy and decides to pull a bit of a ruse on his buddy Evan Parker when he tells him he needs to come over and help him with something. He’s referring to his hard penis, of course, and Evan is there in an instant for a romantic interlude on the chartreuse couch…

Helix Studios – Spring Heat – Dylan Hall & Evan Parker

The pair trade blowjob and admire each others’ ample, rock hard cocks… The passionate duo try many positions, making out and sucking, and then eventually Evan rolls a condom onto his fat dick and gives Dylan’s ass the fucking it’s been needing so badly… Soon both boys breeze past that sweet point of no return and they shoot their cum all over each other, then lay back together, spent but satisfied…







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Helix Big Bro Little Bro

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