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Cockyboys’ resident scruffy blond bombshell, Levi Michaels was ready, willing and eager to get his tight butthole banged hard by Connor Maguire’s thick, meaty cock. He revealed that Connor is the exact type of dude that really gets his juices flowing, you know, the kind he sees at the gym on in the club and is totally into, but then ultimately chickens out before he approaches him. Well, that’s not the case this time, as it’s all already been setup — all Levi has to do is show up, get naked, and get pounded. Nice work, if you can get it! =)

CockyBoys – Connor Maguire Drills Levi Michaels

But Connor’s actually just a gentle, sweet dude — that is, until he has got a hot ass in front of him waiting to be pounded — and pounded hard. Connor gives it to him rough and forcefully, and Levi pants and whimpers as he tries to keep up, stroking his hard dick, his balls tightening up close to his body as every thrust of Connor’s big dick pushes him closer and closer to the brink of orgasm. Next they switch positions, with Levi climbing on top, bouncing up and down, riding Connor’s fat tool as he bites his lip and strokes his hard dick. Connor twist his nipples hard as both guys edge closer and closer to shooting their huge, sticky loads…

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Cockyboys Free Tour

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Get ready for some seriously hot scruff on scruff action in this all-new production staring Logan Moore and Gabriel Clark. In this scene, Gabriel gets assertive in his desire to fuck Logan’s manhole. He starts by shoving his fat sausage finger straight up Logan’s puckered rose and finerbangs him till he’s just streched enough to take Gabriel’s mammoth whopper of a cock.

Gods of Men – Dreams Come True – Logan Moore & Gabriel Clark

Getting on top of the situation, Logan hops right on top and plunges Gabriel’s sword deep inside, hitting that teeth-grinding spot that motivates the two to fuck it out likes there’s no tomorrow. If you like when the boys get straight to it then this trailer is for you, but if you want to see the full-length feature in High-Def you should click here to continue your Free XXX tour of Men.com.









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There are many things that confuse us about this scene. What the hell is he talking about, stealing his phone? What kind of Star Trek-sounding name is Dato Foland, and what planet does he come from? (Because we’re thinking we might like to visit.) Why is he wearing his shirt in the shower? These and more puzzles abound, though ultimately, none of it matters because the onscreen chemistry between these two is sizzling and palpable! This steamy duo turns it out, sucking and fucking in every position imaginable, and giving it hell in that glass block shower!

Men of UK – Non Surprise – Dato Foland & Theo Ford

This is one of those rare scenes where you can see it in their eyes — they’re really into it and they’re giving it all they’ve got. It’s amazing what a difference that extra 5% can make in elevating a scene from good to great. The high quality location and lighting we’ve come to expect from Men of UK rounds out this scene nicely… Well played, gentlemen. Well played.











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Men of UK Free Preview

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An all-star lineup of proven thoroughbreds get together for a hot and steamy menage a trois. Fuzzy little muscle monkey Tommy Defendi is back, looking more hirsuit than ever — check out the fur on those balls! On many occasions Tommy has been known to take a full force pounding like a champ, but this time around he is all top, and delivers the goods repeatedly to Darius Ferdynand, looking tight, pumped up and hung for the gods, and cute little blue-eyed devil scruffster Duncan Black. The sexual chemistry is palpable as these studs work up a sweat fucking and sucking all their cares away…

Tommy Defendi, Duncan Black & Darius Ferdynand

Duncan had a huge grin when asked about Tommy’s fat cock. “It feels AMAZING when it’s inside,” he laughed. Darius, however, was just as excited about fucking Duncan as he was about taking it from Tommy, creating the perfect setup for a steamy, non-stop threeway.

After swallowing Tommy’s cock, Duncan received the pounding of his life from Tommy. Darius then had his turn pounding Duncan, before Tommy claimed full dominance by fucking Darius! With so much sex in one place, you’d think it might be tricky to figure out what goes where. But the boys totally nailed it, enjoying each other’s bodies in a way that flowed naturally. Tommy even shot his (enormous!) load on both Darius and Duncan, proving himself an equal-opportunity top!












Watch the whole scene in breathtakingly sharp HD over at Cockyboys right now. Check out all the hot scenes they’ve been adding: More Free Previews.

Don't Miss Jake Bass in ROAD STRIP... Click for More!

Don’t Miss Jake Bass in ROAD STRIP… Click for More!

Pierre Fitch Free XXX PreviewCocky Boys Free XXX Preview

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Helix Studios – Lucky Luke – Connor Maguire & Luke Allen

Connor and Luke get right to business, stripping off their clothes and macking down in the bedroom. Luke drops to his knees and takes Connor’s thick mancock balls deep down his throat, then spins around so Connor can get a mouthful of his hot boy hole. Soon Connor has slapped a condom on that hog and is going to town on Luke’s warm, tight butthole.

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Helix Studios continues to be an industry leader when it comes to young dudes, smooth jocks, hot college ass, what some may refer to as “twink”… or what the old gurls used to call “chicken”. If that’s your your area of interest, you owe it to yourself to check out the veritable stable of unbridled young bucks that Helix has on display. Their videos are state of the art high def, and optimized for your smartphone and tablet experience. Why they’ve even got their own Roku channel, which allows you to stream all their videos to your HDTV.

Helix Studios Free XXX PreviewHelix Studios Free XXX Preview


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Helix Studios – VELO Part 1 – The Architect – Free Preview Trailer

In Part One of Helix’s ambitious new series VELO, the Choke of the Spokes, we follow the exploits of bike messenger and wayward boyfriend Matthew Keading (who has reportedly retired after completing this title) through the lush cinematography and generally youthful models that Helix Studios has become known for. Matt rolls around in the sheets with boyfriend Jessie Montgomery, and can’t resist spending a little extra time lavishing over little blond muffin Jessie’s rockhard morning wood. After a curiously indulgent title sequence of Matthew biking through scenic San Diego, he arrives a bit late for work and then delivers an important cardboard tube to Ty Roderick a half-hour late. Ty is royally P.O.’d, and wants Keading’s head on a platter. After dropping an inappropriate f-bomb on the client when his bike chain excuse doesnt hold water, he offers to make it up the only way he seems to know how — by getting on his knees and slurping down on that daddy dick like a good little boy. Escalating sexual gymnastics ensue, culminating in Ty Roderick throwing a spectacular standing fuck on Keading, who hangs on for dear life as alphamale Ty pounds away as his tight young hole. Make sure the sound is up if you want to hear the creaking table unders Keating’s moans as his hole is repeatedly plunged.

VELO Part One The Architect

VELO Part One The Architect

VELO Part One The Architect

VELO Part One The Architect

VELO Part One The Architect

VELO Part One The Architect

VELO Part One The Architect

You should watch the whole scene at Helix Studios right now in full HD, and see hot bullstud Roderick blast his man jizz all over Matthew’s gaping, abused hole… If young guys are your thing, Helix has you covered like you wouldn’t believe. Head over there now and continue your Free Preview

Helx Studios Free Preview

Helix Studios on Roku

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We keep trying to get over our mad crush on Johhny Rapid, but it’s tough. Have you seen him in the Andrew Christian “Studburbia” video, filmed right here in Sin City? Adorable! You can follow our favorite little Atlanta sugarbaby on twitter at @Johnnyrealrapid and @JohnnyRapidATL… The talented and deliciously-hung @ColbyKellerXXX round out this scene quite nicely…

Johnny Rapid sets up a meeting with his sexy professor Colby Keller to address the issue of feeling perved on. Not only does the horny professor admit it, but he heats things up by touching Johnny’s leg and taking things to the next level. Before long, Johnny is bent over and slammed deep by Colby’s cock!

You should totally head on over to Men.com and watch this hole, -er we mean WHOLE scene, in all its raw, uncut glory, where they’ve got a literal buttload of other stuff to choose from as well…

Jake Bolton let us know, under no uncertain terms, that he wanted to take on the most dominant, hung top we could find. Naturally, the first and only man to pop into our minds was “boy breaker” Lucio Saints, who has single-handed broken in more than a dozen newbie first-timers. Jake took the pounding like a pro and, although he might be new to porn, we’re guessing this isn’t his first experience with a massive monster cock. Sexy-as-Hell Lucio was as stunningly horny as ever. It’s always a pleasure to work with him and Jake LOVED the ride; even if he now has to sit on a rubber ring for a few days. That’s what happens when you have a hot and hungry manhole that needs to be worked over.

Butch Dixon - Lucio Saints and Jake Bolton

Butch Dixon - Lucio Saints and Jake Bolton

Butch Dixon - Lucio Saints and Jake Bolton

Butch Dixon - Lucio Saints and Jake Bolton

Butch Dixon - Lucio Saints and Jake Bolton

Butch Dixon - Lucio Saints and Jake Bolton

Check out the whole scene raw and uncut at Butch Dixon, along with lots more similar content, and help us keep bringing you this blog!