Jessy and Logan get some of the best cock they’ve ever had during their own private flip fuck party — each sporting a huge uncut cock and fully loaded balls. They take turns sucking and fucking one another bareback. Jessy’s nuts overflow as he drops three loads during the scene, and Logan’s ass only too willing to take each deposit.


One of the running debates around our offices is who gives better “getting plowed” face? Johhny Rapid or Jake Bass? Few would argue that these two are among the top contenders for that title. You know what we’re talking about, right? Watch this scene, or any other scene that either of them is in, and you’ll see what we mean… They have both mastered the mouth-agape, surprised, “my asshole is being violated” face. They give it and they give it good. But we never thought we’d see them do it in the same scene! Johnny Rapid, is a longtime, somewhat exclusive stud-next-door from the roster of talent, while sexy, inked Jake Bass has pretty much been an exclusive staple of Jake Jaxon’s Cockyboys. Johnny Rapid and Jake Bass together in one scene!? What is this — some crazy alternate universe Marvel/DC hybrid? And yet here there are, together on the same brown leather couch, at the same time… mano á mano.


Summer of Love, Part 2 - Kris Evans and Torsten Ullman - Bel Ami

In this smoking hot update from Bel Ami’s ‘Summer of Love’ series, sexual Olympian, flawless stud and our personal fantasy Kris Evans puts hottie blond newcomer Tortsten Ullman through the paces. They start by making out, and sliding down their black briefs to reveal smooth, athletic bodies and rock hard cocks. Torsten cannot contain himself once he gets a look at Kris’s throbbing erection, and he drops to all fours to slurp it all the way down to the base. Kris enjoys the oral attention and leans forward to finger Torsten’s smooth, puckered hole…


Helix Studios: Troy Accola

Helix’s latest update is a series of shots from a recent shoot with one of their newer boys, Troy Accola. Troy’s piercing blue eyes and natural confidence have gotten him noticed in scenes for Helix Studios as well as on a couple of other websites. Troy is either 18 or 19 now, depending on which website you believe, and though he doesn’t consider himself much of a singer, he loves to write lyrics and create music.

Age: 18
Height: 5’11”
Ethnicity: All-American
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Cock Size: 7 x 5 inches
Orientation: Gay
Role: Versatile
Twitter: @troyaccola


Magnitude - Brent Corrigan & Pierre Fitch - Falcon Studios_10

In this latest update from Falcon Studios, Brent Corrigan and Pierre Fitch show us what versatile performers they both are, as they take turns sucking each other’s cocks and fucking each other’s holes. Corrigan is showing in top form; despite his lengthy career in the adult industry he’s looking easily as good as he ever has, and that’s saying a lot… (and even kinda butch in the workboots and black jockstrap.) Monsieur Fitch is looking none-too-shabby himself, in matching ensemble.


Poolside 1 - Darius Ferdynand and Anthony Verusso - Falcon Studios

Working on his tan next to the pool in smoldering Summer heat, hunky Darius Ferdynand helps answer the proverbial question: Is it hot out here, or is it just you? The other fellow in this case is tattooed brunette beauty and fellow Las Vegan Anthony Verusso. Darius makes Anthony feel welcome by exploring his lean smooth body with his hands and his thick meaty erection with his mouth. Anthony is clearly experiencing his bliss as his ever-lengthening cock is sensually milked by Darius’ capable lips and throat.

Broke Straight Boys - Adam Baer Fucks Paul Canon

In this update from Broke Straight Boys, Adam Baer gives Paul Canon the fucking he’s been needing. With a big handful of lube, he starts stroking Paul’s fat dick, which grows harder and thicker as he slides his cupped hand along the slick shaft. Paul is in ecstasy already, but lends a hand to stroke Adam, whose cock is already hard in anticipation of sliding up Paul’s tight hole…


Jacked, Scene 4 | Ryan Rose and Brenner Bolton | Falcon Studios

Lean, ripped jock Ryan Rose has a big surprise growing in his jockstrap while sitting on the bench in the gym’s locker room. The front pouch detaches to reveal a built-in cock ring encircling Ryan’s rock hard dick. Brenner Bolton admires the view from the corner until Ryan seductively invites him to come have a taste. Brenner slides Ryan’s cock down his throat for a deepthroat suckjob while Ryan fingers Brenner’s ass, probing the pink button with his pinky. They change postiions to sixty-nining on the bench; Ryan lays on the bench sucking Brenner’s balls and eating his tasty ass while face fucking him with his big, hard cock.