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Colby Chambers & Mickey Knox Tag Levi Karter - Cocky Boys_1509

Mickey Knox is the type of guy who likes to explore and he likes doing it together with his boyfriend – Colby Chambers. The two of them tend to get into a lot of trouble when they’re on the road traveling and meeting boys but there is one thing that really turns Mickey on and that’s watching his boyfriend fuck another guy. So today Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox get to tag team Levi Karter and Mickey gets to enjoy watching his man work over Levi before joining in the fun.

It’s a rainy day and Mickey, Colby & Levi are in their room looking over the NY skyline while butt naked. They don’t care if anyone sees them. They’re not afraid or ashamed of who they are or what they’re doing. They start making out and it’s not long beforeLevi finds himself on his knees with both cocks shoved in his mouth at the same time. We all know Levi loves sucking cock but give him two dicks at once and he’s obviously in heaven. Colby is clearly the more dominant one in the relationship and he likes to guide Mickey and tell him what to do. And he’s definitely not shy about telling Mickey to fuck Levi’s throat as hard as he can. Then they move on the bed for a circle 3-way blowjob where Levi shoots over his head and Mickey licks it all up.

Phone In For Raw Delivery - Alex Dick, Roy Horny & Mike Lust - Bare Adventures-02

You know what it’s like sometimes at work, sitting all alone in your cubicle — or if you’re lucky maybe it’s an actual office — bored out of your fucking mind and not really caring whether or not the paperwork before you gets done. Well, fear not. You’re not alone. Millions of workers around the world frequently find themselves in the same situation. In this scene from Bare Adventures, Roy Horny and Alex Dick are in the same predicament. With only one difference — Roy and Alex decide to order in for a raw delivery of the rentboy kind. Moments later, Mike Lust appears and the fun begins. Clothes are stripped and cocks are sucked, with each horny stud sucking and getting sucked. Then Roy hones in on Mike’s sweet little ass and takes the twink for a bareback ride while Alex looks on.

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Super hung skinhead chav, Clayton Kole, gives defined young twink Sonny, a serious pounding in this stirring encounter! First, he gets his thick uncut 9-inch dick sucked, then demonstrates his own deepthroating skills as he effortlessly swallows Sonny’s cock right down to his balls.

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Gay Castings - Josh

Gay Castings - Seth

Gay castings has another crop of hot new boys wanting to break into porn — meet twinky tattooed Seth Alexander, and dimpled cutie Josh Hunter taking their turns on the Gay Castings casting couch, getting fondled, sucked, sucking and getting fucked… and finally taking a big juicy load to the face from the pervy, unseen casting director.

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