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Broke Straight Boys - Adam Baer Fucks Paul Canon

In this update from Broke Straight Boys, Adam Baer gives Paul Canon the fucking he’s been needing. With a big handful of lube, he starts stroking Paul’s fat dick, which grows harder and thicker as he slides his cupped hand along the slick shaft. Paul is in ecstasy already, but lends a hand to stroke Adam, whose cock is already hard in anticipation of sliding up Paul’s tight hole…


Jacked, Scene 4 | Ryan Rose and Brenner Bolton | Falcon Studios

Lean, ripped jock Ryan Rose has a big surprise growing in his jockstrap while sitting on the bench in the gym’s locker room. The front pouch detaches to reveal a built-in cock ring encircling Ryan’s rock hard dick. Brenner Bolton admires the view from the corner until Ryan seductively invites him to come have a taste. Brenner slides Ryan’s cock down his throat for a deepthroat suckjob while Ryan fingers Brenner’s ass, probing the pink button with his pinky. They change postiions to sixty-nining on the bench; Ryan lays on the bench sucking Brenner’s balls and eating his tasty ass while face fucking him with his big, hard cock.

CockyBoys - Introducing Alex Killborn with Jack Rayder

Presenting Alex, the latest addition to Cockyboys’ stable of young hotties. He’s a go-go dancer in NYC with fellow Cockyboy Levi Karter, and after being a little undecided about appearing in porn, he’s decided to make the leap of faith and do his very first scene, which we present an excerpt of here, along with relative veteran Jack Rayder. The first thing you’ll notice are his strikingly beautiful eyes. They’re big and doe-like, and coupled with his initial nervousness, make for a very endearing introduction.

Once Alex and Jack got warmed up, the nerves vanished and the chemistry began to brew. They start making out with some sensual kissing and crotch grabbing, then graduate to sucking each other’s cocks. Jack couldn’t get enough of Alex’s eyes, and asks him to gaze up at him while sucking his dick. Awe!


The Listener Part 2 - Jarec Wentworth & Dylan Knight - Drill My Hole

The premise of “The Listener” is that foxy Jarec Wentworth can hear the thoughts of those around him, kinda like Sookie Stackhouse on True Blood, and sometimes it gets him in the best kind of trouble. Jarec’s cock starts to rise as he hears the dirty thoughts of Dylan Knight. Jarec shoots him that knowing look, and they lock eyes in a way that can only mean one thing: it’s on!

Eager To Fuck - Jessie Montgomery and Blake Mitchell - Helix Studios

Eager To Fuck - Jessie Montgomery and Blake Mitchell - Helix Studios

After a fun night out on the town, Blake and Jessie can’t wait to get alone together somewhere private where they’ll be free to rip each others’ clothes off and give in to their primal animal desires. It’s cute how they tease each other and flirt up the staircase… first Blake pulls Jessie’s pants down, exposing his underwear, and Jessie chases after him, ultimately falling to his knees on the landing, where he slides down Blake’s heans and then his underwear, unveiling Blake’s mighty uncut cock. He proceeds to slide it seductively between his lips. Once naked, they kiss and grope, suck and rim, then Blake squeezes his huge cock into Jessie’s bubble butt. The boys try to make their way up to the bedroom, but only make it to the top of the stairs where Blake spins Jessie around and pulls him down on his rockhard dick for some reverse cowboy fucking.

Bare Adventures - Zac Powers, Lukas Davis and Scott Haux

If only all Doctors’ waiting rooms had horny little hottie Lukas Davis in them, the time would pass far more quickly! He and fellow patient Scott get to know each other on the benches. Lukas slides over to Scott, apparently having heard about Scott’s rather impressive endowment and not afraid to make the first move. He goes straight to Scott’s crotch, caressing it with his tongue and prodding it with his lips and mouth. Slowly it swells and becomes as hard as a stale baguette while his own bulge grows evermore lengthy and rigid. Twink-in-training and resident intern Zac interrupts their tryst momentarily, but without missing a beat he’s on his knees, enjoying Scott’s dick down his warm, wet, thirsty throat. He drops his pants and unleashes his own beast, standing tall, proud and ready for immediate attention. Lukas gets blown, with the lucky hung twink Scott in the middle enjoying action from both sides.


Naked Guys with Shamrocks on their Butts

When Irish eyes are smiling,
Tis like a morn in spring.
With a lilt of Irish laughter
You can hear the angels sing
When Irish hearts are happy
All the world is bright and gay
When Irish eyes are smiling
Sure, they steal your heart away.

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Covered in Cum - Rick Lautner & Gaelan Binoche - Bel Ami

One of Bel Ami’s new scenes for Spring is Covered in Cum, featuring hotties Rick and Gaelan going at it hard. After a bit of chat about their blossoming friendship/relationship, they get right down to business. Gaelin seems to be the aggressive one, and takes charge of the situation, sucking Rick’s thick, uncut cock to get him hard and then eating out his tight, puckered asshole, getting all wet and slippery before sliding his big dick gently yet firmly into the young lad…