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Sexy Milo Fisher is meandering around the pool wearing nothing but a jockstrap, looking absolutely fine and showing off what we here around the maleXXXblog offices refer to as “Dat Ass”. Pretty boy Tanner Skye is laying in bed watching through the window, getting hornier and hornier watching Milo strut his stuff. Milo loves the attention and soon lets himself into Tanner’s room and gets straight to work that hard dick that Tanner’s flying. Milo is a skilled cocksmith, and does a mouth-wateringly impressive job of taking Tanner’s hard cock balls deep down his warm, wet throat. But in a scene like this, with an ass like that, we know where it’s all going to end up… and soon it does, and Milo is face down and ass up, giving Tanner full access to those beautiful melons and that tight but accommodating boyhole. Tanner wastes no time in lubing up Milo’s pink hole with his saliva, gently at first then more forcefully as he thrusts his tongue further and further into Milo’s hungry hole, grabbing an ass cheek with each hand and spreading it open to get a better angle…

Dallas Reeves – Tanner Skye Powerfucks Milo Fisher

Tanner shoves his rockhard dick hard and fast into Milo’s puckered boyhole, driving it home bareback over and over. A rather aggressive top, Tanner power fucks Milo who moans of ecstacy can be heard over the squeaking springs and creaking bedframe… Tanner smacks his ass, pulls his cock all the way out and goes back in balls-deep repeatedly! Milo get pounded deep into the mattress but it’s still not enough, he soon gets up and climbs on top of Tanner’s swollen member, sitting on it and taking it all in one smooth motion, riding it like a bitch in heat. His rock hard dick flops up and down as his asshole milks Tanner’s man meat. Tanner isn’t one to let the bottom take too much control, though, and he ends up giving him hell. Tanner fucks him so hard he can’t wait, and he pulls out and nuts all over Milo’s throbbing asshole. Milo then jumps up and busts his big, sweet load into Tanner’s mouth. They both collapse on the bed, sweaty and panting, but thoroughly relieved… Check out the full length scene to see all their hot interaction…










If you like this scene you should check out the full length, high definition 1080p version over at the Dallas Reeves website, where you can watch a bunch more free previews like this one, or grab a membership for a low monthly fee, and get full access to Dallas Reeves and 10 other sites including Wank This, Finest Latinos and more… That oughta keep you busy for awhile! šŸ˜‰


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Stefan Nash and Bobby Hart are hanging out on the couch talking about Bobby’s huge dick. It’s so big that its reputation precedes it! Seasoned performer that he is, Stefan doesn’t really appear to have too much trouble handling that big dick… He takes it like a champ: balls deep down his throat, and he accomodates the whole length and girth in his tight young boyhole. Stefan is packing a pretty good sized cock too, and we love that fact that he is rock hard while he’s taking that massive meat pole.

Damn That’s Big! – Big Surprise – Stefan Nash & Bobby Hart

Bobby fucks like an all-star and we particularly appreciate the way he rips a condom off in about a half a second when it’s time to bust… and bust he does! This is one of those rare previews where they actually show you the cum shots! Nice job, fellows…















If you’re a fan of freakishly large dicks then head on over the Damn That’s Big and their sister site Thick And Big. Both sites have loads of scenes featuring hot young studs taking giant cocks down their throats and up their buttholes. Sound like something you’d like to see? Click the banner below and check it out…


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There are many things that confuse us about this scene. What the hell is he talking about, stealing his phone? What kind of Star Trek-sounding name is Dato Foland, and what planet does he come from? (Because we’re thinking we might like to visit.) Why is he wearing his shirt in the shower? These and more puzzles abound, though ultimately, none of it matters because the onscreen chemistry between these two is sizzling and palpable! This steamy duo turns it out, sucking and fucking in every position imaginable, and giving it hell in that glass block shower!

Men of UK – Non Surprise – Dato Foland & Theo Ford

This is one of those rare scenes where you can see it in their eyes — they’re really into it and they’re giving it all they’ve got. It’s amazing what a difference that extra 5% can make in elevating a scene from good to great. The high quality location and lighting we’ve come to expect from Men of UK rounds out this scene nicely… Well played, gentlemen. Well played.











To watch this whole scene in crystal clear high definition, and tons more just like it, or just enjoy a few more free previews, click here to check out Men of UK

Men of UK Free Preview

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Kris Evans is among BelAmi’s most recognized and well-loved stars; apparently this scene has been sitting in Bel Ami’s vault, waiting for its opportunity to see the light of day. It would seem that day has finally arrived; the Powers-that-Be at Bel Ami (a.k.a. George Duroy) have finally dusted it off and released it to us, the wildly masturbating public. They shot this scene back before Bel Ami ditched condoms (so this one features safe sex) and is offered as Bonus Material to their new Fucking Kris Series (the rest of which is bareback, and spectacular!)…

Bel Ami – Fucking Kris Series – Kris Evans & Brandon Manilow

Bel Ami – Fucking Kris Series – Kris Evans & Brandon Manilow

We love Kris as a top, but as you can see here, he also makes an amazing bottom — how cute is he at 0:55? That face! Seasoned performer that he is, Kris appears at ease in front of the camera as he and Brandon kiss, make out, and take turns swallowing each other’s rock hard cocks. Soon Brandon’s dick is wrapped in a condom and buried deep in Kris’ muscled jock ass, where it gets drilled repeatedly until both studs have shot their loads and cum is splashed across the bedroom…
















Bel Ami is one of the longest running and most trusted brands when it comes to Male Erotica, namely amazingly hot European guys with huge dicks. If you like that, check out their site where there’s tons more previews, in crystal clear HD… Click the banner below for a free tour!


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Is there anything better than sticking your dick into a brand new sex toy for the first time? Well, that’s certainly up for debate, but let’s agree that it ranks up there pretty high. In this scene from Helix Studios, we find long dicked stud Jacob Dixon stroking his meat into a new Fleshlight Flight, which, in case you didn’t know, is one of the latest products from the makers of the world’s best selling masturbation toy. If you’ve never tried one, maybe you should. Here’s the link to get your very own FleshLight discretely shipped to your door: Click Here to Check Out the Fleshlight Flight — they’re under $50 USD. Not bad!

But we digress. As horny young Jacob punishes his sex toy with that rock hard bone of his, his twink-a-licious roommate comes sauntering up the stairs, and barely bats an eyelash when he sees Jacob going to town on his dick. Neither does Jacob, for that matter. Fortunately for us the boys aren’t shy and Cooper drops his drawers and takes a seat on the couch next to Jacob…

Helix Studios – Can I Try? – Cooper Steel & Jacob Dixon

Jacob invites Cooper to give the Fleshlight a whirl. Cooper’s nice fat, curved dick slides in and out of the lubed up toy with ease. The guys take turns stroking each other’s cocks, getting hornier and hornier, until they can take no more. Cooper lubes up his hole and backs up onto Jacob’s cock, slowly sliding all nine inches of hot, cut meat bareback into his tight, quivering asshole. We think Cooper and Jacob would both probably agree that the Fleshlight Flight is about the best you can get, that is, if you don’t have the real thing readily available. Soon they both bust and send hot loads shooting across Cooper’s tight tummy.










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Follow Us on Tumblr for even more hot updates! - Public Hole - Brett Bradley & Armond Rizzo2

Armond is out on the prowl for some thick midnight cock. So a little effort on Grindr and he finds himself at a hole in the wall, with a massive surprise that almost takes someone’s eye out. This kid’s warm hole is throbbing as he awaits his anonymous dick to push that hole wide open and impale his warm, wet asshole ballsdeep. – Public Hole – Brett Bradley & Armond Rizzo

While on the other side, bro-next-door Brett just can’t take it anymore and needs to see the face of his pleasurer. That’s when it all goes down, with Brett going to town on Armond’s tightly gripped ass. We have to say Armond really takes fucking seriously and slams his ass deep on top of Brett, letting him know that this isn’t any little trick, this is a trade for that gut busting cock. Hot gloryhole play all the way! - Public Hole - Brett Bradley & Armond Rizzo1 - Public Hole - Brett Bradley & Armond Rizzo3 - Public Hole - Brett Bradley & Armond Rizzo6 - Public Hole - Brett Bradley & Armond Rizzo5 - Public Hole - Brett Bradley & Armond Rizzo4 - Public Hole - Brett Bradley & Armond Rizzo7

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After a long afternoon in class, schoolmates Kirk & Sam decided to retreat back to the dorms for a little tutor time in Human Anatomy. Oh and how Kirk loves a good bottom.

College Dudes – Kirk Cummings & Sam Northman

Little does he know that Sam is a hard worker and gets plenty of practice around campus (WINK). Naturally, he is considered to have a PhD. on the subject by most of the Varsity teams. Don’t believe meā€¦.take a look for yourself in this hot and educational scene that will have you acing all of your oral exams.







College Dudes - Free XXX Tour

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Falcon-Studios---Ryan-Rose-&-Zack-Randall---Naughty Pines 1,Scene 1

Baby it’s cold outsideā€¦ and our favorite lumberjack hunk Mr. Ryan Rose goes up to Big Bear, CA with pal Zack Randall to have a lil pre-vacation before the holiday season. Ryan just got out of a relationship and has been needing to seriously chop some wood.

Falcon Studios – Naughty Pines 1 – Ryan Rose & Zack Randall

Luck for him Zack has a background in carpentry and is eager to sand the cold off with his warm and throbbing cock. I don’t know about you guys, but I will be going up to the mountains soon to see what other trees need some attention. Happy Holidays! OHHHHHHHH, forgot to mention that Zack just won my moaner of the season award. See if you agree.



Falcon Studios - Ryan Rose & Zack Randall - NAUGHTY PINES 1, SCENE #01_9








Falcom Studios - Free XXX Tube

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