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No disrespect to Nick Sterling, who is a hot, sexy and capable stud we’d be honored to share a bed or an orgasm with, but come on; this scene is all about all about Ryan Rose and his fucking amazing genetic superiority. What a flawless stud — those eyes, that jawline, that body, that dick, that ass!– just watching him fuck shows you the immaculate beauty that a million years of evolution has conspired to produce. His rock hard, perfect cock plunges balls deep into Nick’s tight ass, over and over again, a wet, sloppy slapping noise all but drowning out Nick’s moans and whimpers as Ryan pounds that ass hard, his lean, athletic body beginning to show a sexy sheen as he works up a sweat.

Falcon Studios – Ready To Fuck Scene 2 – Ryan Rose & Nick Sterling – Free Preview

But Ryan Rose, true renaissance man, can take it as good as he gives it; he turns around and sticks that ass up in the air — and what an ass. We’ve seen a lot of asses; seriously asses and assholes don’t get too much better than this one, ladybots and gentlemen. Behold this true thing of beauty… Michelangelo would be hard pressed to sculpt a more appealing set of buns and perfect puckered hole. Then Ryan gets on the floor, on his knees. With his back arched into a smooth curve, Ryan’s stubbled chin furrows into the shag carpeting as Nick slams into him. Nick then rides Ryan’s cock, slamming his prostate and starts cumming uncontrollably. Ryan then cums in Nick’s mouth and Nick laps up every drop sucking Ryan clean. This excites Nick so much that he blasts another load all over his abs. Thank you for sharing yourself with us and the world, Mr. Rose. Please consider donating to a sperm bank or other fertility type center if you don’t plan to have children of your own. We need guys like you to make a lots of babies and continue your bloodline, for the betterment of future generations. Hashtag: good breeding stock =)

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Bel Ami’s recent Dirty Blonds month has come and gone, but that certainly doesn’t mean we can’t continue to enjoy those hot scenes. Phillipe Gaudin is on the receiving end of Harris Hilton’s big, rockhard dick in this update from Bel Ami. After a clowning around naked in the rain for the cameras (and falling and busting their asses!), they head inside for an afternoon of horny activities, including lots of mutual cocksucking and of course Phillipe sitting on Harris’ amazing uncut euroboner. After Harris busts all over Phillipe’s tight, puckered butthole and Phillipe had blown his own load across his rockhard washboard abs, the rain had let up so it seemed like a good opportunity to take a quick dip in the pool to freshen up and clean off all that jizz!

Bel Ami Online – Dirty Blonds – Phillipe Gaudin & Harris Hilton – Free Preview

They splash around for a few minutes, but soon enough both boys are boned up again and ready for another hot sweaty session of sucking and fucking. This time Phillipe gets his chance to explore the wonders of Harris’ eager ass for more spectacular fucking and sucking till more hot spunk flies everywhere and the two studs settle down to snuggle for a few minutes, holding each other in their smooth muscular arms.

This is another hot preview that showcases what Bel Ami does so effortlessly as other trie to imitate — creating sizzling sexual chemistry and putting it on the screen… either that, or all the boys across Europe can fuck this good. You be the judge!

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Fuckbuds Chester and Dimitri are relaxing by the pool when sexy Enrico decides to rinse off in the glass shower, and he knows Chester and Dimitri are are checking him out, as they’re not exactly being subtle. Enrico slyly struts his stuff in a sensual display, quickly drawing his horndog buddies up to the shower to join him. It ain’t long before the horned up trio is sucking each other’s dicks, trying to impress each other with their cocksucking skills and simultaneously satisfying that animal craving to slurp down on a hot, uncut cock…

Sweet & Raw – Dimitry Borodin, Chester Pool and Enrico Sanchez – Free Preview Trailer

But the true satisfaction comes when Chester and Enrico take turns driving it home in willing bareback slut Dimitri’s tight, pink butthole. After a raw, bareback sandwich where sweet pink fuckholes are stuffed full of fresh twink meat, these guys are still hungry for more!









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