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You might say Dillon Rossi is an excellent partner for new CockyBoys model Justin Matthews. They could be ‘brothers from another mother’ — they’re both low key and chill, lighthearted in demeanor, and constantly horny. You might see them hanging out together in a public spot and youd never realize what they get up to behind closed doors…

Cockyboys – Justin Matthews Hammers Dillon Rossi

Sex came quite naturally to them. Justin tends to be more of a top, while Dillon’s a little more versatile, but they both really enjoyed trading blowjobs, lavishing attention on their cocks, which just got harder and harder. Justin got more aggressive when it came time to fuck, pounding Dillon’s tight hole doggie style on all fours before laying on his back and letting Dillon ride him. All told, they seemed to enjoy fucking face to face the best, especially when Dillon tightened his fuckhole just before Justin busted his nut. This made Dillon shoot too!

The guys were so turned on by each other that they didn’t say much until they both had shot a big, creamy load of jizz. Afterwards Justin summed it up with cum dripping from his still erect cock: “It was awesome, dude.”









Watch the whole scene in breathtakingly sharp HD over at Cockyboys right now. Check out all the hot scenes they’ve been adding: More Free Previews.

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Don’t Miss Jake Bass in ROAD STRIP… Click for More!

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