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An A-List matchup made in Montreal if ever there was one, this clip features our duo of horny tattooed hotties getting off together like only boys can. First, smooth and sexy Pierre Fitch sits down on Jake’s hard dick and rides it reverse cowgirl, bouncing up and down on it while he jacks his fat dick. Then they switch and Pierre comes in from behind to drill Jake’s hot ass doggie style. Jake’s moans and whimpers to “slow down” it all the more sexy as he curls his toes and grabs onto the sheets for dear life… Soon both boys blast their nuts… “Oh my God,” exclaims Jake as his load flies through the air…
Sons of Montreal: Pierre Fitch vs. Jake Bass

Watch the whole scene in breathtakingly sharp HD over at Cockyboys right now. Check out all the hot scenes they’ve been adding: More Free Previews.








Don't Miss Jake Bass in ROAD STRIP... Click for More!

Don’t Miss Jake Bass in ROAD STRIP… Click for More!

Pierre Fitch Free XXX PreviewCocky Boys Free XXX Preview

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Jizz Addiction – Drunk Buddy Hotel Hook Up – Free XXX Preview

Zack drags his drunk buddy back to the hotel where they’re staying and puts his ass to bed. Feeling kinda horny, he puts some porn on his laptop and kicks back to have a nice wank. The next thing he knows, Casey’s not quite as passed out as he’d assumed. Casey gets busy stroking and then sucking Zack’s big, juicy uncut dick. Soon enough Casey’s dick is out too, and it’s massive — Zack can only get the first few inches down his throat. Casey climbs on top of Zack’s hard member and takes a long, rough ride. They switch position and Zack nails him doggy style. Soon both young men blast their hot, sticky seed and breathe a sigh of satisfaction and relief…











As far as fetishes go — some of them we can relate to; others, not so much. But a cum fetish? Oh, hell yeah, we totally get that one. If you’re of similar ilk and your lap comes to life when you see hot young dudes busting their nuts, spraying hot ropes of cum, and sending jizz flying everywhere, you should totally check out Jizz Addiction. They are one of the few if not the only major membership site devoted to those websurfers who love cum. They have been around for nearly a decade and continue to add new scenes on a regular basis. If you’re one of those cum-crazed, semen eating jizzpigs who likes to take a load in the face, down the throat or to lick up every drop then you’ll certainly appreciate the offerings here. Plenty of facials, cum swallowing, self-sucking — yeah, you get the idea. Check out all this and a bit more at Jizz Addiction.

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UnGloryHole – Straight Guy Benny Tricked Into Gay Blowjob

UnGloryHole BennyAnother day, another huge cock getting drained by our orally-skilled tricksters. This time it’s young cutie Ben, whom we’ve been bugging for awhile to come by the Adult Arcade. After we kept hearing about what a big cock he’s got, we finally talked 20 year old Benjamin into dropping by the adult video shop the other day. He didn’t know why at first, but he caught on pretty quick. We were surprised at how big it actually is -– a real whopper that shot a big juicy load, not surprising since he believed it was a hot girl sucking on his big hog. In reality it was our hungry fag cocksucker, but sweet Benny never knew the difference. Afterwards he said he liked it so much he’d probably pay to come back for seconds… Let’s hope he doesn’t see this posting!

UnGloryHole Ben

UnGloryHole Ben

UnGloryHole BenUnGloryHole Ben

UnGloryHole BenUnGloryHole Ben

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Introducing Troy Admiral – Free XXX Video

Meet sexy young blondbasket Troy Admiral, age 18. At 5’11” and 165 lbs you can see that his physique is ideal. Troy wasn’t too shy when he stripped down and jacked his cock for our voyeuristic pleasure, in fact he seemed rather at ease in front of the camera, as eviudenced by the mischievous glint in his eyes. He considers himself straight but says he’d “try anything once” and wasn’t shy about letting us peek at that hot boy ass and tight hole. The soft moans as he kicks back and pleasures himself will make your cock throb in unison with his, until finally he shoots his nut all over that tight little blond tummy…







Lots of fresh, young faces; tight, smooth bodies; big dicks and boy balls full of young spunk… Oh, that got your attention? Do you want to see more? College Dudes


College Boy Physicals XXX PreviewStraight Boys Jack Off XXX Preview

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Broke Straight Boys – Cage Kafig & Tate Thompson – Free Preview Trailer

Cage and Tate both consider themselves straight but open-minded, and willing to do what it takes to earn a few bucks in this tough economy. That includes getting naked and sucking each other’s cocks, and in the case of Tate, taking a cock right up the ass. This is his fourth time bottoming for cash, and of the experience Tate says “It’s a little different but you get used to it.” Towards the end of the scene, as Cage is balls deep and getting close to shooting his nut, Tate yelps: “Too deep! Woah! Woah!” but Cage keeps on drilling. They are totally white trash and totally hot… we likey very much.












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Hard Brit Lads – Battle Of The Big Dicks – Free Preview Trailer

Sometimes you just want to put on your best onionskin short-shorts, rub on a little baby oil, and get boned up with a big dicked bud. Alex goes to work on Jake’s dong like a cock-crazed fiend, bobbing up and down on the soccer lad’s meaty uncut tool, and soon Jake returns the favor and demonstrates his best deepthroating techniques. Next: Jake kicks back and spreads his legs, while Alex pumps his fat, uncut Euro-dong with one hand and fingerfucks his tight asshole with the other. Overcome with passion, they waste no time in applying condoms and fucking the hell out of each other. The scene ends as they nut big creamy jizz loads, one after the other, their loud moans an obvious testament to their satisfaction.








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Eurocreme Free XXX PreviewEurocreme Free XXX Preview

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Bulldog Pit – Mateo Locatti & Ricky Jackson – Free Preview Trailer

Sometimes all you need is some simple, honest sucking and fucking, and in this arousing preview clip, bearded straight hunk Mateo Locatti drops his britches, peels off his shirt, puts a hot porno on the computer and kicks back while cocksucker Ricky Jackson gets to work taking care of his man needs. Soon Mateo is ready to sample some of Ricky’s hot hole, and his thick curved meat slides in and out with little resistance. These two horndogs bang it out like animals until both men blast semen on Ricky’s nude, sweaty body…







Watch the whole scene at Bulldog Pit, and get access to a whole suite of sites for just one low membership fee, or just check out more free preview videos. Click Here to see more…

Eurocreme Free XXX PreviewEurocreme Free XXX Preview

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